Eyes of faith

The text today used a phrase which we use quite often yet may fail to appreciate it’s true meaning. While I don’t intend to ‘clearly define’ this phrase, I would like to give thought to what it means. The phrase is: with eyes of faith. 
These ‘eyes’ are associated with faith, so this should call to mind the scriptural definition of faith. At Heb 11:1 faith is explained to be “the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities that are not seen.” From this description it’s implied that faith can ‘see’, thus the need for figurative eyes. When one with faith looks out through these eyes, what they observe is far different then what a person without faith sees. While both persons are viewing the exact same thing, each one sees something different. What they are looking at isn’t different but instead it’s their perspective that has changed. To a certain degree it’s like two people who are viewing a landscape, except one is at see level and the other is standing on a high mountain. Each are viewing the same scene but from a different perspective.

Another way to view it like this – there are two persons looking at a painting on the wall. While they both are examining the same painting, one is looking at the painted image through the clean lenses of an eyeglass prescription that is current and accurate, while the other views the painting through his mothers prescription, which is wrong for his eyes, and are smudged and dirty having never been cleaned. What they are Viewing is the same, it hasn’t changed. But, how the image is translated in the mind is different and the impression of the painting, the information relayed to each person, is different. 

In a similar way, when we look at the world around us, viewing the exact same things others are viewing – the news reports for example, the information relayed to the mind should be different and our reaction and response probably won’t mirror those who are watching the exact same things but doing so without the benefit of ‘eyes of faith’. Because these ‘eyes’ are ‘eyes of faith’ we are viewing the world through what we might liken to as a filter which removes the dust and pollutants in the literal world, which distort the view, and provides a clear and far more accurate picture of what one is viewing. With eyes of faith a person takes whatever it is he is watching and filters it through his understanding of God’s word, taking into consideration past prophesies that have come true, together with future promises of God. We consider what Jehovah’s purpose in connection to what we are viewing and work to get a clear and focused view of matters, adopting God’s view rather then imperfect humans. We recognise that what we are looking at has been doctored, or ‘photoshopped’ so to speak, manufactured by the ‘ruler of the world’ whose purpose it to distract us or to cause us to react in a way that will displease God. And if we are viewing things thru literal eyes without the benefit of eyes of faith, we will fall victim to Satan’s designs. 


Author: JKatsanis

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