The enjoyment of friendship with Jehovah

‘The enjoyment of friendship with Jehovah’. What does that mean? I suspect that depends on who you ask, but what an interesting question to raise when in the company of spiritually mature ones because there you will receive various answers based on their individual experiences and what they have come to appreciate on a personal level. But what answer would a little one give, one who has made Jehovah there friend and confidant, or a newly baptized individual? How about someone who is in full time service or reaching out with a pure motive? Regardless of who we are or what we’ve gone through, Jehovah truly loves us. And while he doesn’t force himself on us he does make himself available to us at all times; he is never too busy to hear our prayer regardless of what that prayer may be about.

But what is ‘the enjoyment of his friendship’? It is a pleasurable feeling that comforts us and assures us that we have Jehovah’s blessing. It’s similar to the feeling one has when they know they have their parents approval and support, as well as a clean conscience, And while one may struggle with negative emotions, this friendship with Jehovah is enjoyable because it serves to remind this one that Jehovah loves him, cares about him and will take care of him.

A key component of this friendship, as is the case with all friendships, is prayer – communicating, talking to Jehovah. And unlike anyone else, Jehovah is always interested in what we have to say. In fact the only prayers Jehovah doesn’t accept are from ones who are acting as hypocrites. But if we are hypocrites, we can make that a matter of prayer and Jehovah will both hear and answer such prayers.

This aspect of enjoyment, though, is worth consideration. What friendships do you have that you can say you really enjoy, and if so why? What is it about certain friendships that make them enjoyable? Is friendship with Jehovah similar to these other friendships, or different and if different, in what way?


Author: JKatsanis

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