Jehovah Wants WILLING Servants

Regardless of our age, circumstances, family responsibilities or health concerns, there are things we’re all expected to do – they make up our Spiritual Routine.

  • Preparing for and participating at Congregation Meetings
  • Regularly conducting a Family Study
  • Having a weekly share in the Field Ministry
  • Daily reading and meditating on God’s WORD

BUT – How WILLING are you?

When you examine your service to God, do you find yourself doing so willingly?

 It’s a question worth consideration because it’s common for people to do things out of duty, or guilt, or peer pressure – because it’s expected.

But our service to Jehovah…well, according to the prophetic Psalm, recorded at Ps 110: 3 (cite) 

WILLINGLY – That’s the key

For our service to Jehovah to mean something / real lasting value it must stem from a willing spirit, a heart that is motivated out of LOVE.

But, isn’t it true that sometimes, what’s expected of us isn’t easy…

There are aspects of our worship that, as individuals,  we may find challenging and frankly we can easily find ourselves merely going thru the motions, or neglecting all togetherholding ourselves back from doing ‘all we can’ for Jehovah.

What can help us to preform our acts of service with a willing spirit, and truly give Jehovah our very best?

Perhaps examining the example of Ezra may help.

As was mentioned last week, Ezra was born in Babylon, city filled with false gods and demon worship, yet he maintained his godly devotion.


The answer can be surmised as we examine – Ezra 7:10 (Look up and Cite)

10 Ezʹra had prepared his heart to consult the Law of Jehovah and to practice it, and to teach its regulations and judgments in Israel.

Just like a farmer prepares the soil before sowing seed, Ezra prayerfully prepared his heart, the inner person—his thoughts, attitudes, desires, and motivations  – all had to be aligned and in synch, FOCUSED on what?   …to “consult the law of Jehovah with the purpose of Practise it  –  DOING IT.”

What did that mean for Ezra?

The answer can be found in the letter Ezra was given by the Persian King, who granted Ezra’s request…-  Ezra 7: 14

For you are sent by the king and his seven advisers to investigate whether the Law of your God, which is with you, is being applied in Judah and Jerusalem

But what’s fascinating is that WITHOUT BEING TOLD OR ASKED, Ezra saw a need and WILLINGLY made himself available, actually VOLUNTEERING to spearhead this theocratic assignment  –  It was EZRA who initiated the formal request from the King.

Would Ezra have done this if he were merely going thru the motions in surviving Jehovah in the hope to make his parents or the brothers happy?


How can we say this?

Well, consider what this assignment involved. – Looking at our WORKBOOK  __________

  1. The trip would all be overland and take 4 months
  1. A journey of almost 1,600 km through dangerous territory
    1. Marauding bands –  thieves and murderers…
    2. Desert terrain –  Sun, heat, lack of water, sanitary conditions…
    3. Dangerous Wildlife –  scorpions, serpents, wild animals…
  1. The Persian King had granted Ezra ‘Everything he requested for Jehovah’s house’, Chapter 7 itemizes all that Ezra was responsible for including wheat, wine, oil, and salt, not to mention the gold and silver which alone weighed in excess the equivalent of 3 full grown, male, African elephants.

The total worth was valued at OVER 1 Million at today’s value – had to be inventoried, protected and preserved, so that it would ALL reach the intended destination of Jerusalem.

But notice the attitude of Ezra  –  Ezra 8:22, 23 (READ)

22 I was ashamed to ask the king for soldiers and horsemen to protect us against the enemies along the way, because we had said to the king: “The good hand of our God is over all those seeking him, but his strength and his anger are against all those abandoning him.” 23 So we fasted and made request of our God concerning this, and he listened to our entreaty.

Where was Ezra’s reliance?

Ezra 7: 28 b (READ)

So I took courage because the hand of Jehovah my God was upon me, and I gathered out of Israel leading men to go up with me.

What gave Ezra such courage?

Clearly his FAITH / RELIANCE / CONFIDENCE / REFUGE was in Jehovah

And, in addition to his Invisible Active Force / Holy Spirit, Jehovah provided something else…

 7: 28 Men and women of strong faith and courage and zeal for true worship.

Ezra couldn’t handle this assignment alone, and Jehovah provided everything he needed to shoulder this Theocratic Assignment…

Now, just Imagine if you had been alive then, you and your family.

Would you have volunteered to go with Ezra?

 Would you have been willing?

That answer lies in your Spiritual Routine

and as you analyse your routine, and the spiritual routine of your family, you feel good don’t you, because you KNOW that THIS is what would have motivated you to act then, just as it moves you to act now, doing whatever you can to support and promote true worship.


Author: JKatsanis

Writers write. So, this is my attempt to write every day. To form a habit doing what I enjoy - writing.