What will it be like…?

Imagine not understanding what it means to live in fear because every day since you were born has been forced to face your fears just to survive.

What must life be like should you ever be rescued?

This is the prospect we each face.

We have no idea what will happen between tomorrow and that time, but just imagine waking up in the new world. What does your mind envision?

Now consider this: As you look around, right now, what do you see? Everything your eye sees is in one way or another effected or influenced or designed on purpose by the devil. Recall that after Adams sinned the relationship between God and man was disrupted and being in an unclean and disapproved state required Jehovah to sever ties with humankind. However, because of his love for both man and his purpose, Jehovah immediate made provisions to restore humankind and accomplish his purpose. Unfortunately this wouldn’t take place immediately but over time, allowing the issue of universal rulership to be addressed and settled. But this required Jehovah to step back and allow mankind to govern or rule himself, under the influence of the devil. What this means is that for thousands of years humankind has been under the influence of Satan. It also should remind us that for thousands of years the devil has been in a position to study mankind and ascertain his weaknesses and tendencies better than any tactician, psychologist/psychiatrist, or human behavior expert. Satan is the master in understanding how men think and has centuries of experience influencing mankind into the belief that there is no god and if there is then he doesn’t care about you. He has devised a system in which justice is a fallacy and whoever has the power, influence, money, etc…has dominion on others. Inequality and injustice, violence and abuse are rampant and humankind’s view of love, what is fair and right, and how to treat others are completely distorted and twisted from what God intended. With these facts in mind, try to imagine a world without the influence of Satan, a world completely opposite to what we see around us and think is normal.






Author: JKatsanis

Writers write. So, this is my attempt to write every day. To form a habit doing what I enjoy - writing.