Wednesday, 27-Jan-2016 Text

The text for today discussed what we have been awaiting all our lives. – Armageddon. It outlined the chain of events leading up to and including the destruction of this system of things, with the abyssing of Satan. What I found interesting were these comments made. Speaking of the ‘great tribulation’ it said:

 This unparalleled tribulation will start when Jehovah brings destruction on “Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion, by using the political powers. What will come next? After false religion is destroyed, Satan and various elements of his world will attack Jehovah’s servants. Because Jehovah’s Witnesses have no armed forces and are the most peaceful people on earth, they will appear to be easy targets. But what a mistake attacking them will prove to be!

What struck me was the fact that it all begins with the destruction of false religion, and this is done by Jehovah, using the political elements, just as he has in the past, to accomplish his will. Then, with the worlds religious elements gone, the comments highlight that ‘Satan and various elements of the world will attack Jehovah’s servants’. We have no way knowing when this will occur other than after false religion has been eliminated. Will it happen immediately after or will a period of time pass? What we do know is that it will be Satan and various elements of the world, no doubt including the political system but additional elements as well, who will actually trigger or start this final act of God as he will step in to both protect and save his people as well as accomplish his purpose.

Should Satan chose NOT to attack Jehovah’s servant what then? While this may provide an interesting hypothetical, the reality is that he won’t be able NOT to attack. As prophesied he will attack and we can have the utmost confidence that he will, not because he doesn’t have free will and can change his mind, or that Jehovah has predetermined what Satan will do no matter what. But rather Satan can’t help himself as he sees before him the totally defenceless possession of his enemy, Jehovah. Unlike an animal whose instinct tells him to attack and kill, Satan can chose to leave God’s servants alone, but his record throughout mankind so history shows that he he stop at nothing to prevent Jehovah from accomplishing his purpose, even attacking those who make up the ‘bride of Christ’ and even playing a role in the death of Christ Jesus. His record supports bible prophesy and gives us confidence that Satan will act exactly as described in scripture.

The question though is will we maintain our integrity to God. Looking around after witnessing the elimination of false religion should bolster our faith. But could it actually cause some to become afraid, wondering if what happened to them will happen to us? Possibly. What examples can you think of where individuals personally witnessed divine acts, miracles, and yet proves faithless? But isn’t that the point – faith. Our faith will be tested and then won’t be the time to strengthen it; then it will be too late. Rather we need to take advantage of the time we have right now to draw as close to Jehovah as possible and make him our true refuge and source of strength.



Author: JKatsanis

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